Installation Certifications

TMC is well qualified to install your various concrete flooring systems and has many years of experience.  Our company has been certified by several product manufacturers that will ensure that your installation will qualify for their guarantees.  Please note our certifications and related manufacturers links below by system category.

Epoxy/Urethane Mortar:
Dur-A-Flex www.Dur-A-Flex.com
Sherwin Williams General Polymers www.generalpolymers.com
Tennant Coatings www.Tennantcoatings.com
TNEMEC www.Tnemec.com;
Cure Crete – Ashford Formula System www.ashfordformula.com www.curecrete.com
Prosoco – Consolideck   www.consolideck.com
Retro Plate System www.retroplatesystem.com
Mapei www.mapei.com
Rapid Set TRU www.ctscement.com/rapid-set-tru-self-leveling
Deck Coatings
Tremco www.tremcosealants.com

Safety Certifications

OSHA 10 Construction Safety & Health Certification

OSHA 30 Construction Safety & Health Certification

Safety is a top priority at TMC for all our crew members and customers.  We provide training sessions to our crew through live Tool Box Talks, Outside Consultants, Online video courses, and OSHA programs. Our crew possess an OSHA 10 or 30 Certifications.

TMC is compliant with the new OSHA Silica Safety Standard.  We routinely use various preventive engineering controls to limit silica dust exposure.  These controls include: negative air machines, dust barrier walls/shields, and application of water mist on floors when grinding.

Half face respirators and dust control masks are used by our crew any time dust is created from mixing products or grinding floors.  The crew members were medically cleared to wear and use the respirators.  Respirator fit tests and training for their use and maintenance were performed by an independent consulting firm.