Concrete Prep and Removal

All concrete floors must be properly prepared in order to achieve a successful resinous coating system installation. In most cases, we complete mechanical preparation utilizing shot blasting or diamond grinding to remove surface adhesives, mastic, imperfections or other foreign materials that may be present.

The prep and removal process allows the base floor to be more accepting of the coating materials with deeper absorbance resulting in a stronger bond. Floor leveling can also be achieved during this process.

Our removal equipment is equipped is directly connected to vacuum systems with OSHA approved HEPA filters in order to create a dust free worksite environment. A dust free worksite environment is critical to everyone’s safety.

In some instances, a concrete floor needs to be prepped in order to have other flooring products such as carpeting and tiles installed properly. TMC is available to grind and prep floors to make them ready for the installation of other flooring products by others.

We welcome any questions that you may have regarding floor prep and removal procedures and can review your needs in order to complete a successful installation of the various resinous coatings.